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Buy Direct Liquidation Online


Buy Direct Liquidation Online

is founded on the hunt for delivering the best possible deals, bar none, without sacrificing quality. When you work with Buy Direct Liquidation Online, you can rest assured you’re getting a great buy.


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Buy Direct Liquidation Online

At Buy Direct Liquidation Online

We offer all of our products by the truckload – so whether you’re a first time buyer or pro, give us a call! Our product offerings include assorted general merchandise from a variety of categories such as clothing, tools and equipment, gift items, electronics, furniture, and other various household items.

We are a Wholesale Supplier of Liquidation Merchandise that consists of Customer Returns, Closeouts and Overstock Merchandise.

We Provide General Merchandise to: Pallet Stores, Online Sellers, eBay, Amazon, Flea Markets, Businesses, Auctions, and Exporters

How to Buy Pallets of Returned Merchandise 

It can be difficult in this day and age to find top-quality wholesale merchandise, especially pallets of returned merchandise from Amazon at an affordable price that will leave you with a big enough margin to make a profit. Back in the day, small businesses could rely on local wholesalers to supply them with wholesale merchandise at a price that meant they could still make a profit on goods sourced this way, despite the premiums wholesalers placed on top of the sale price.

Sadly, with wholesale prices veering ever closer to retail prices, and with such unscrupulous practices as cherry-picking pallets and deceitful manifest alterations becoming ever more common, sourcing this way has become all-but-impossible for small businesses looking to stay afloat in an increasingly crowded and competitive retail environment.

So, what’s the solution? The answer is casting your net wider and looking at what a top-tier liquidation specialist can do for your business. In Buy Direct Liquidation’s case, that means buying pallets of returned merchandise from retailers or Amazon.

What Are Retailers or Amazon Returns?

It’s very simple. Every year, Amazon takes back hundreds and hundreds of products in a variety of conditions ranging from ‘as new’ to ‘tested-not-working’ for a number of reasons. Sometimes, customers who order from Amazon discover the goods they have purchased do not work when they get them out of the box. This applies in particular to electronic items. These are sent back to the retailer, usually to exchange them for working versions.

Other times, products ordered from Amazon do not arrive in the best of conditions. From superficial damage to boxes to visible damage to products, many customers like their products and even the packaging those products come in to be in pristine condition, and therefore return these superficially- or noticeably-damaged products back to Amazon to be replaced.

Finally, some customers simply change their minds about their purchases and return them. These returned purchases are, for all intents and purposes, brand new stock, but retailers such as Amazon usually prefer to liquidate them for a variety of reasons.

Not wanting to fill their warehouses with this returned stock, Amazon looks to sell it as quickly as possible so its warehouses can, understandably, be filled with products that can be sold full price. That’s where Direct Liquidation steps in. Direct Liquidation offers business customers an online liquidation sales platform where they can buy Amazon returned merchandise, while cutting out the wholesaler middleman and avoiding all the pitfalls that are now associated with that type of supplier.

Amazon Customer Returns Statistics

Amazon sells more than 4000 products sold each minute in the United States alone. In total, the giant retailer sells 120 million different products, a big chunk being electronics.



JCP Soft Goods Wholesale General Merchandise Truckloads

ZEN-CBD MSRP $31,026.24 FOB MD Your Cost $6,220 6 Pallets NEW PRODUCT Sample Photos available upon request Freight not included 

AMZ MEDS TRUCKLOAD AMZ-607 MSRP $59,446.07 FOB PA Your Cost $11,900 FTL  Truckload Consists of Customer Returns Categories consist of Home Improvement, Automotive, Kitchen, and more These loads are great

JCP Wholesale General Merchandise Truckloads UnManifested Truckload of General Merchandise from the Nations Largest Retail Chain. JCP-GM-SFT EST. MSRP $70,000.00 FOB KY Your Cost $11,200 26 pallets These loads are great for processors online retailers


AMZ BULK Wholesale General Merchandise Truckloads


ZEN-CBD MSRP $31,026.24 FOB MD Your Cost $6,220 6 Pallets Truckload Consists of NEW Consists of: 2 Pallets Lemonade 2 Pallets Prickly Pear 1 Pallet of Black Tea 1 Pallet of Green Tea These loads…

AMZ-BULK FOB NC Your Cost $11,000 FTL Truckload Consists of Customer Returns Categories can consist of Automotive, Kitchen, and more These loads are great for processors, pallet flippers, stores, dig bins and flea markets. Freight…

BEST SMALL APPLIANCE TRUCKLOAD BB-360 MSRP $143,360.47 FOB NY Your Cost $37,000.00 FTL  Truckload Consists of Open Box / Customer Returns Load includes: Ninja Food Pressure Cooker, Dyson Airwrap, Ninja Air…

CLEARANCE! Truckload – 26 Pallets – 2570 Pcs – General Merchandise – Customer Returns – Onn, onn., Brinks, Peerless
USD $6,520.00
HD HARDGOODS Special Pricing DEALS LIKE THIS JUST DON'T COME AROUND OFTEN. Load MAY consist of lawn and garden, tools, vacuums, small appliances, home décor, appliances, doors, large appliances, home improvement items. Full truckloads FOB TN $11,800