Walmart General Merchandise Truckload


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Walmart General Merchandise Truckload

Each Truckload is: 53′ Truckload filled with Merchandise.
Quality: Store Returns, Overstock, Closeouts, Liquidations
Items MAY include: Housewares, Toys, Sporting Goods, Kitchenware, Gift Items, Electronics, Furniture, Tools, Hardware, Health & Beauty Aids and much more!
Excellent for Auctions, Export, Flea Markets and Pawn Shops
Expect: 20-24 Pallets
Must Take Full Truckload
Approximate Original Value: $50,000

We sell loads of General Merchandise from WMT Stores. These loads are mixed with a variety of different categories and may include: toys, housewares, bedding, clothing, small appliances, sporting goods, tools, cosmetics, outdoor items, furniture and more. Each load will be full of merchandise. Each Truck will have 20-24 Full Pallets with about a $50,000 Value. These loads ship from IN Directly from the WMT Distribution Center. They are great for flea markets, Auctions, Retail stores and for export overseas
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Walmart General Merchandise Truckload